I’m Jenn, a 30-something first time mom living in middle America.  I have a wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl who was born in October.

I am a full time project manager who oversees large construction projects for a mechanical contracting company.  I love problem solving and working as a team to come to a solution and execute a plan to complete a project.  I feel like those strategies have spilled over in my approach to parenting, as well.

Since becoming a mom, I find myself googling – a lot! And I find it so comforting when I read fellow moms’ blog posts relating to a circumstance I’m having in the moment.  I wanted to create a space where I can share my experiences and maybe give a fellow parent similar reassurance!

We struggle every day to balance it all – work, family, friends – and give all we can to those we love.  It’s nice to know that we aren’t doing it alone! It takes a village to grow little ones, sometimes that village is digital.